Communications at Grace Christian Child Development Center
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    Make sure to check you child’s folders each day when you sign them in and out.

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    A monthly newsletter is sent home with a calendar of events and other useful information.

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    Social Media

    Make sure to check Grace Christian Childcare Development Center facebook page.

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    Check the CDC Home page and CDC Family for the latest news and updates.


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    November 1st

    Fudge Fundraiser Kickoff

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    November 5-9

    GRACE Bumper Crop

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    November 12th

    Veteran’s Day Center Closed

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    November 22 & 23

    Thanksgiving Holiday/ Center Closed

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    November 30th

    Fudge Order & Money Due

Infants- Applesauce

Toddler #1 & #2- Hormel Microwave individual meals

Toddler #3 & #4- Hearty Soup/Beef Stew

K2 Ms.Jeannie/Stacey- Crackers & PB

K2 Ms.Abigail/Mary- Spaghetti-O’s

K2 Ms.Ann- Cereal Bars

K3 Ms.Debra- Oatmeal & Grits

K3 Ms. Rachel- Instant Potatoes

K3 Ms.Fay- Instant Potatoes

K3 Ms.Kathy- Mac & Cheese

K3 Ms.Beth- Mac & Cheese

K4 Ms. Susan- Jello(ready to eat)

K4 Ms.Alyssa- Pudding(ready to eat)

K4 Ms. Brewington- Baking Mixes(pancake & muffins)

K4 Ms.Buie-Baking Mixes (pancake & muffins)


$8.00 1/2 lb

Choose from :                                    
 -Chocolate                                         -Cookies & Cream
-Almond Joy                                     – Vanilla Candy Cane
-Rocky Road                                     – Mint Chocolate Chip
-Peanut Butter                                    – Chocolate Candy Cane
-Vanilla Pecan                                   – Chocolate Peanut Butter
-Maple Walnut                                    – Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
-Chocolate Pecan
-Banana Pudding
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